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HF 1000 BASE 2.21.png

 New  HF-VWB1K/230 V2.21
"Vertical Wide Band HF Antenna 1Kw 2-30Mhz"


New HF-VWB1K/230 V.2.21 Vertical Wide Band HF Antenna designed to go up 1kw PEP in a  Frequency Band 1.6Mhz to 30 Mhz. Without using an Automatic Tuner (No needed ATU). This Antenna is primarily designed for shipboard use, with additional accessories it can be used on the roof or in-ground with special kit accessories (ground radial kit). It has a power handling capability of 1kw. The monopole is 35 feet (10.66m) high and is constructed in three sections that screw together.

The base of the monopole is designed for 2 solutions :

- Access to N connector below deck

- Access to N connector above deck

Through deck 1.JPG
Through deck 1a.JPG
Ground kit 1.JPG
Ground kit 2.JPG
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