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hf 1000 side 4 pole w bracket_edited.png

 New  HF-VWB1K/230/POLE V1.23

"Vertical Wide Band HF Antenna 1Kw 1.5-30Mhz must be fixed on pole (mast)"


New HF-VWB1K/230/POLE V.1.23 Vertical Wide Band HF Antenna designed to go up 1kw PEP in a  Frequency Band 1.5Mhz to 30 Mhz. Without using an Automatic Tuner (No needed ATU). This Antenna is primarily designed to be fixed on a pole (mast) Dia. from 33 mm (1.29″) to 83 mm (3.26″),  It has a power handling capability of 1kw. The monopole is 35 feet (10.66m) high and is constructed in 3 (three) sections that screw together.

Advantage :

  • Lighter, stronger, and more robust.

  • Divided into 3 sections (3.5m12ft)

  • Easy for Airfreight and less shipping cost

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